Hiroshi Sato: Traditional and Contemporary Consciousness

For those of you who appreciate artistic-technique wrapped in a wealth of human consciousness, you should check out the work of Hiroshi Sato, a new and upcoming artist based in San Francisco, California.  Originally from Japan and raised in Tanzania,  Sato is a graduate from the Academy of Art University with a focus in contemporary realist oil painting.

What I enjoy in the art Sato is producing is how his work is an interesting response to the idea of  contemporary art and classical art styles.  Sato has created paintings that draw inspiration from both the past and the present, looking at artists such as Vermeer, Euan Uglow, and Chuck Close, and, as a result, his work is a commentary about traditional art styles through a contemporary approach.

Subtle yet provocative, Sato’s use of geometric shapes throughout his work is a very forward and youthful,  displaying both the traditional mirage of realism and the physicality of the surface of the canvas.  We see the work and the technique  as well as the framework the art is built upon, both enchanting and disillusioning us about the artwork.  Much like the world around us.

The subject matter of his paintings like Receding (2013) and Sitting (2012) also bring into questions about the modern state of human interaction with art, those around us and even our own consciousness.  On the surface, Sato’s work may seem a great deal about traditional techniques, but there is a depth to his work that calls us as viewers to position ourselves within his subjects.

I look forward to seeing what he produces in the future in response to our ever-changing world of art.

If you would like to learn more about Hiroshi Sato and his work:

<Hiroshi Sato>

He’s also on Facebook:

<Hiroshi Sato Facebook>

And if you’re in the San Francisco area and would like to see his work in person:

<Hiroshi Sato at Hespe Gallery>

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